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Photos courtesy of O'hara Shipe (@shipeshots) & past attendees


"I had my chakras realigned at the spanking booth and it opened my third eye. The weird thing is... my other eyes are blue."

Logan, 2022


TCBG (formerly known as Trapper Creek Bluegrass Festival (or "Tipsy Clown Boogie Grounds")) is Alaska's premier camping
alt-folk festival occurring annually at Boot's Bison Ranch in Trapper Creek, AK.

Featuring an amalgamation of local and out of state acts, we pride ourselves in curating a unique and diverse lineup that showcases all that Alaskans, our community, and a few of our far away friends have to offer. 

The festival takes place the last weekend of May along a mile long sandy loop nestled in 80 acres of private forested property. Set up camp with your friends and prepare yourself to make memories that will last a lifetime while enjoying four endless days of music, camping, and folk festivities under the midnight sun.

Image of two men hugging enjoying the festival
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