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Photos courtesy of O'hara Shipe (@shipeshots) & past attendees


"My dog ran off to join a roaming pack the moment we opened our car doors. Didn't see her again until Sunday before we left. She was covered in glitter and was wearing a denim battle vest with her name embroidered on the back. 5 stars."

Justin, 2022


TCBG (formerly known as Trapper Creek Bluegrass Festival (or "Tipsy Clown Boogie Grounds")) is Alaska's premier camping
alt-folk festival occurring annually at Boot's Bison Ranch in Trapper Creek, AK.

Featuring an amalgamation of local and out of state acts, we pride ourselves in curating a unique and diverse lineup that showcases all that Alaskans, our community, and a few of our far away friends have to offer. 

The festival takes place the last weekend of May along a mile long sandy loop nestled in 80 acres of private forested property. Set up camp with your friends and prepare yourself to make memories that will last a lifetime while enjoying four endless days of music, camping, and folk festivities under the midnight sun.

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