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Can I bring my dog?

Dogs are permitted on the festival grounds. If your dog is aggressive around new people or other dogs, please leave them at home. You are fully responsible for cleaning up after your dog and ensuring their safety around other animals/attendees/vehicles.

Will there be food vendors?

Cajun Cooking and End of the Road Coffee will be on site. We strongly recommend bringing enough food to feed yourself and maybe a couple ranch hands for the weekend. We hear they love grilled cheese sandwiches and hash browns.

Are there outhouses at the festival?

There are many outhouses throughout the property available to attendees. There are rumors that outhouse #4 is haunted. Please proceed with caution.

I couldn't attend the festival last year because I was sick. Can I redeem my ticket at this year's festival?

Yes, we will honor your ticket. Thank you for doing your part in keeping our community healthy.

Please stay home if you feel sick. 

How do I get to the festival?

Once at mile 115 of the Parks Highway, turn east on Susitna River Road , south on Bradley Road, and drive until you arrive. 

Please drive slow and try not to kick up too much dust. 

Are there showers on site?

There are no showers on site. The Trapper Creek Inn up the road offers showers for a small fee.

I'm interested in performing/ sponsoring.

Please contact us using the tab at the top of our website or by contacting us via social media and we will get back to you. 

Do I need to bring my own water?

Yes. Pack for the festival like you would for off-grid camping. Please avoid bringing cases of individual plastic water bottles if possible. That shit is whack.

I'm interested in volunteering. How do I sign up?

Please contact us using the tab at the top of our website or by contacting us via social media and we will connect you with our volunteer coordinator.

Can I bring alcohol into the festival?

Alcohol is permitted on the festival grounds. Please abide by all legal age restrictions as well as open container laws when leaving the festival grounds and do not drive impaired.

I have a question. How do I get in touch?

Please contact us using the contact tab on this website, by messaging us on social media, or via smoke signal.







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